Intros..(versi Yoe)

From what you can read in Deep's introduction, no need for me to again write down here where and when or why we chose to travel using 'bas tambang', why the clock towers yada yada and so on. So, I just wrote a simple introduction from my side for this 'ice-breaking' session.

It was started from a crap conversation. A pointless and laughable talk. But somehow after time flew, we began to think why not we give a try to make that 'joke' into reality? Our fingers straight away get onto the keyboard and google any information that might be related and useful.

If Adib looked for Jack Kerouac's 'On The Road' book as his inspiration, I referred to this one - a book written by Tim Moore, 'Travels With My Donkey'. The book which I bought four years back when I was in Mysore, India. A story where Tim Moore traveled from St Jean Pied-de-Port on the French side of the Pyreness to Santiago de Compostela, near the north-western coast of Spanish Galicia. It was a 500 miles journey and he did that with his donkey, named Shinto.

Err, please dont assume my donkey name was Adib. For your information, Adib is not a donkey. Thank you.

Starting from that point, we took this matter seriously. Discussed and talked about it seriously, with a straight face (to show how serious we are). Ok, I lied. Still, there were always rubbish talk between the lines. Simply cant get out from it.

Frankly speaking, I just want to do this for my own satisfaction. Yes, I want to do this so-called 'wasted-times' thing for my own satisfaction. Not for glamour, money, frustration or revolution. Forget about the green-peace or kick-out racism campaign. No, and again no.

It just, I thought before we might travel to the other part of the world in future, let start from here. Our home soil. I dont know wheter it is too late or not for us. But, only one thing came into my mind - better be late than never.

So, we wrote this blog to share some experiences, moments, pictures or information (if any) with people who might know us. Thank you very much for the support. We really really appreciate that.

Also, lot of thanks to our bosses. Without their leaves approval, we simply cant make this thing happen. Arigato gozaimasu!

Do enjoy your reading, folks. Cheers!


  1. woih..ape komen dah ni? blog ni x launch pon lagi..

  2. hahahaa...dah blk ke alam biasa, leh start mencarut la eh

  3. hahaha.. better be late than never.. anak aku besar nanti aku nk mengembara jugak la.. tp sebelom aku mengembara ke alam barzakh la..

  4. macam best aje adventure korang naik bas tambang keliling semenanjung..
    kalo ada peluang, teringin jugak nak keliling semenanjung naik kapcai.. keh keh

    p/s: hoh Yoe budak STAR rupanye.. aku batch tahun 94.. dan aku jugak dah jadi warga Dungun skrg.. heheh

  5. tak sangka jumpe staroba kat sini..haha

    fivers '94 eh? super senior la nih..aku fivers 2001..xsempat la nak kena ragging ngn ko..hehe

    pape pun, thanx sbb bace..and idea pusing naik kapcai sorg2 tu mmg best..xde org buat lg..konvoi moto ramai2 dah bese org buat..ape lg bro? bile nak stat? hehe

  6. hahaha takde le super sgt.. kalo ultra senior ok jgk.. eh tu bukan ragging tapi sesi beramah mesra..

    idea tu baru takat pasang niat aje.. langkah2 ke arah merealisasikan idea tu belum ada.. kena kumpul modal dan yg penting kena dapat lesen drpd menteri dlm negeri (bini).. hahaha

  7. korg mmg best ah yoe..ngan adib??? siyes aku xsangka adib dgn kete sport kuning (back to matriks time) leh join adventure nie..ok2..adib..jgn korg mmg kewl la..dis issssssss beessssssssss brrrrrrrooooooooooooooo!

  8. ida : haa tu la ko xtau...nmpk je adib cmtu..sbnrnye die tu poyo..haha..(sori adib.terkutuk ko)..

    n'way, thanx ida..enjoy ur reading

  9. erkk..tetiba poyo lak.